What is Mickeystyle.com?

MickeyStyle.com is a personal style, beauty, art and plus size fashion blog that focuses on my (Micaela “Mickey” Shambee) personal style, fashion musings, style advice, and beauty tutorials all topped with body positive, curvy fashion art/illustrations created by me, Mickey.

The Art in Plus Size Fashion

After blogging for FashionPlus3.com (see content here), I was still compelled to blog about plus size fashion, beauty and style, but with my own twist: art. Art has always been a huge part of my life.  From working for Gallery 37 in high school to completing an AP Drawing and Painting class years later, art is apart of my soul.  My approach always begins with my love for art in all its simplicity and complexity. From styling, to creating fashion illustrations, to doing makeup, painting, photography and writing, art is at the core.

Plus Size Discourse

This blog will engage in discourse about the plus size fashion. Don’t be surprised if you see a rant or two in-between all my positive inspiration.  The art of fashion means that a brand will infuse creativity, effort, and design into their collections, regardless of the size of its customers. This esthetic, which is common practice for straight size designers, should also be carried over into the plus size world (though it usually isn’t).  Therefore, it is important to discuss and highlight brands when they do or don’t.

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

As we have seen from designers who seem to be terrified of designing anything that suggests that a Plus size woman is proud of herself, I am taking matters into my own hands (as many amazing Plus Size women are doing) and providing a space to explore this dilemma, one post at a time.

Come join me as we explore this vastly changing and growing landscape in fashion!


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