Lifestyle Change: Journey to a Healthier Me


Hello Mickeylettes, 

So Fab Freddie (my gay best friend) and I are embarking on a new journey that we’re dubbing a “lifestyle change,” because we both have been grossly unhealthy as of late. With work and school stress piling up as the new year turns to mid February, I’ve been much more inclined to get healthy and stay healthy long term.


With Freddie’s encouragement, I found myself heading toward the scale at work with him.

Being a body positive person who has had their share of ups and downs with my health, I thought I was prepared for the numbers I saw on the scale. Fab Freddie got on the scale first, since starting his bootleg atkins diet, he discovered that he lost half a pound. He jumped off the scale in glee, proclaiming that eliminating sugar and carbs is the way to go.

I laughed to myself and then realized it was my turn to get on the scale.

I got on the scale, nervous for Fab Freddie and my own conscious to see the results of massive holiday over-eating–and bam, there in all it’s glory was the number 2-7-0. 270 pounds. I quickly jumped off the scale, insecure in every since of the word. I racked my brain for how I could have let this happen. Mind you, this time 2 years ago I was down to 246 pounds. So I was in complete shock to realize I had gained back about 40 pounds of the initial 160 pounds I’d lost over 3 years ago.

That’s when I knew I needed to take Fab Freddie’s diet seriously, and my own health more seriously too.


I’m the type of person that needs to self-regulate and create a system of accountability to change any  habit.

So I decided to try texting Fab Freddie what I was eating for dinner, which ended up being a fail, as I just ended up texting instead of sending the pic posted below.

And as you can see, I decided to up the ante and wear my forever 21 + sports bra as more incentive to get my lifestyle journey going.

The first meal sans sugar and salt. Tuna and carrot salad.
The first meal sans sugar and salt. Tuna and carrot salad.

I’m Wearing: Forever 21 + gray oversized tee and sportsbra.

Dinner: tuna on a bed of lettuce with baby carrots.

Freddie was right–I needed to eliminate sugar and salt from my diet, and get in my workouts, despite my full schedule.

So, I started slowly incorporating healthier foods, though, I had not completely given up sugar just yet.


Decided to add these bad boys. One half avocado=healthy fat.

So far I’m hesitant about the diet, but I have felt more energy and less hungry.

So we’ll see if Freddie knows what he’s talking about!

Updates soon mickeylettes  🙂  🙂  🙂







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3 thoughts on “Lifestyle Change: Journey to a Healthier Me”

  1. I don’t think it’s wise to cut out all sugar. It deprives your body of something it naturally wants and needs and if it doesn’t get it the system could backfire on you. Have you thought about seeing a dietitian?

    1. Hey there, thanks for coming to my site. I appreciate your advice, but this information does come from licensed trainers and dietitians–though I’m not saying Freddie is one of those people, I just know that he has done his research, and modern science does support that cutting out sugar and carbs will have major benefits, considering all the simple sugars and carbs found in processed food in America. However, I will be seeing a dietician soon about my own specific needs, but so far, the diet has done wonders for me. I have a question for you. Have you ever tried cutting out carbs and or sugar before?

      1. Howdy! I just wanted to mention that I have cut out all carbs and simple sugars as it is listed to do on an Akins Diet and it failed miserably for me. What has worked for me thus far is intuitive eating. It is following hunger cues and eating what you want when you want. It sounds crazy backwards like someone like a binge eater would go crazy on this plan, but I have to say that I have given myself permission to eat whatever I wanted to (within my budget of course!) and I ate “unhealthfully” for about 3 weeks, but now I am eating fruit plates and salads with a bag of candy in my purse, but I haven’t touched it in over a week other than to give some away! It’s really incredible that the foods that used to have so much power over me don’t anymore. I read the book Intuitive Eating to help me with the process…it was only 5 dollars on the marketplace at Barnes and Nobles website.

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