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Riley Rose
The pink garage door to Riley Rose opened to a pink cosmetic candy land! I could not contain my excitement as I walked into the new store (from the daughters of Forever 21), a day before their grand opening.  Instantly, I thought of my childhood: my little backpack filled with Lisa Frank, Sweet Valley High books, bubble gum pink lipstick and cutoff jean shorts.
Exploring Riley Rose
Walking in

Exploring Riley Rose

I felt like my tween self again, and was ready to have fun and play in this cotton candy pink carnival of makeup, skin care and surprisingly, home goods!

New Brands

A millennial dream, it took everything I had not to skip and squeal with glee as I noticed the brands that I usually can’t find in-store: Lime CrimeB. By Banila, RMS Beauty, Beauty Bakerie,

Lime Crime
Lime Crime

Nuca, Stila Cosmetics, TONYMOLY, Too Cool for School, Winky Lux, Glitter Injections, Peripera,


Luxie Beauty, Lemonhead, LA, Compartés, Dylan’s Candy Bar and much more!

Playing in the beautiful vanity mirrors

Walking through the store, I felt anything was possible.

Vanity makeup stations
Vanity makeup stations

Full of fun mirrors that instead of distort, accentuate your inner unicorn!

The glorious tub bath bombs!
The glorious tub of bath bombs!

A bath tub full of bath bombs!!!

Dylan's Candy Bar
Dylan’s Candy Bar

The joy of the candy store.  And like any good candy store, the choices were nearly too many.

Candy Wall from Dylan's Candy Bar
Candy wall from Dylan’s Candy Bar

Candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar!

Trending Now
#Riley Rose Trending Now
Wish you were here! Wearing Lime Crime Liquid to Matte lipstick in Saint

After this makeup girl’s dream roller coaster ride, exploring the candy land of brushes, rouges, lashes and lippies, I realized that Riley Rose is every makeup girl’s dream. Forever fun from 21 to 41!

View out to the Water Tower
The Millennial Pink Wall

Thank you Erica Watson for inviting me to this incredible store, and Riley Rose for gifting us all $50 gift cards to shop!

P.S. I bought the Lime Crime Lipstick I’m wearing, and will be back for more!


Plus signing off!









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